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Diesel Equipment Core Return/Credit Policy

1. Core credit qualifications:

  1. Cores from vehicles/applications which were not supplied by Diesel Equipment Company will receive no credit.
  2. Cores must be returned in the original manufacturer box. If original manufacturer box is not available, return in plain box with manufacturer name and part number clearly noted on outside of box.
  3. Cores must be like for like, all product part numbers (where applicable) must be legible, cores received with non-manufacturer part numbers must cross reference to the original invoiced part number
  4. Cores must have open eligibility for credit
  5. Cores must be a complete unit and not disassembled
  6. Cores that are damaged by non-operational causes such as rough handling, fire, misuse, modification, abuse or improper removal are not acceptable
  7. Once core returns are processed, individual units cannot be identified or returned.
  8. Cores must be returned within 12 months of the original purchase date to be eligible for credit.

2.Core Return Process:

  1. Contact Customer Service by email, or by calling 1-800-632-4959 to check eligibility and to obtain a RGA number.
  2. Core return packaging must be clearly identified/labeled as a core return and must have the RGA written on the packaging as well as the core return packing list.

3. Cores should not be intermingled with other returns such as a warranty or new product return. These types of returns are to be processed separately and should have their own RGA number.

4. Proper core packaging is the responsibility of the returning company. Diesel Equipment Company will not be responsible for shortages or damage as a result of the shipping process.

5. Core returns and credits will be processed as soon as possible by Diesel Equipment Company. The returning company will be contacted by Diesel Equipment Company Customer Service if any discrepancies are found with the return. Any over returns or cores found to be unacceptable will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.