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Recognizing a need for diesel fuel injection service in the Triad area, Diesel Equipment Company was established March 1st, 1967, in a 3200 square foot building at 212 Atwell Avenue, Greensboro, North Carolina. We started with just three employees including myself. We were then recognized as an Authorized Service Dealer for all of the fuel injection manufacturers. After a few years all of the diesel fuel injection manufacturers selected Diesel Equipment Company to represent them in a six-state area which included North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware as a Central Distributor supplying parts, technical information and training to 31 service dealers in these states. We then expanded our business to include heavy duty electrical products and many other related items, most of which you will find in this catalog.

I would like to thank you, our friends and customers, and I would also like to thank our loyal and dedicated employees which now number 40 plus, without whom our company could not have grown. We presently occupy 30,000 square feet in two separate buildings to facilitate your needs.

I would like to again thank all of you, our friends and customers and sincerely hope we may continue to serve your needs.

Alton C. Deans


As President to Diesel Equipment Company, I would like to expand on the remarks of Alton C. Deans by sharing with you the Mission Statement of our company:

To provide the very best in quality services and products to our customers and prospects.

Throughout our operating history, our company has been privileged to have dedicated and hard-working associates to assist with the needs of many growing businesses in our markets. We are most grateful for your business patronage and support, and we will endeavor to merit your continued support in the future by rededicating ourselves to our Mission Statement.

We are pleased to share with you the following business principles:

  • To conduct our business affairs with honesty and integrity.
  • To maintain a customer focus with the clear understanding that what is best for our customer is best for all.
  • To operate efficiently and professionally through attention to details at all levels of our company.
  • To establish and maintain a positive attitude and confidence in our ability to face change and manage its impact on our future.

We believe this new marketing catalog will provide you with resources to assist your business growth. We welcome your inquiries on how we can serve your needs. Once again, we are most grateful for your business relationships, and we look forward to serving you in the years ahead.

Steve Cates


The outside sales team provides dedicated support to our customers through regular visits to their location and always keeping an eye open for new possibilities. We also service 31 independently owned and operated Authorized Service Dealers over a 6-state region. If you would like a sales rep to stop by and visit, please feel free to call and we will pass the info on to our sales manager.


Diesel Equipment Company's in-house customer service team is hard at work answering customers' emails, faxes, and phone calls. We provide prompt, courteous delivery throughout the Triad area.


Diesel Equipment Company has recently expanded its Service Department to include Drive-In Service for your diesel-powered vehicle. Although the Drive-In Service Department specializes in fuel system related problems on Diesel powered vehicles such as the Chevrolet/GMC 6.5L Diesel, Chevrolet/GMC vehicles equipped with the Duramax 6.6L, the Cummins equipped Dodge and the Powestroke equipped Ford vehicles, we can also provide service on other Diesel powered Construction Equipment and everything in between. We are here to help with your Diesel Fuel System problems. The latest Diesel Fuel Systems require the complete vehicle to properly diagnose that system's problems. The Diesel Equipment Company Drive-In Service Department has the latest in Diagnostic Tools, as well as On-Vehicle-Training in the diagnosis and repair of those fuel systems. This training was provided by the Fuel Injection Equipment Manufacturers who manufacture the fuel systems found on these vehicles as well as by the Association of Diesel Specialists. If a fuel system component should need repair, we can perform that repair in our Factory Authorized Diesel Fuel Injection Repair Facility. We are here to provide a complete service for all your Diesel Fuel System needs. Call the Diesel Equipment Service Department for more information or to schedule an appointment to have your vehicle repaired.


The Accounting Department will ensure that you receive your paperwork in a timely manner. With friendly customer service and attention to detail, our goal is to provide the necessary support to our Sales Staff so you, our customer, receive the services you deserve.


The Purchasing Department handles all the purchasing needs of our customers. They know the big sellers and the obscure. Diesel Equipment Company keeps all the parts on hand so we can deliver them to your door.


Dedicated to getting your packages out on time, they take pride in secure, damage-free shipments